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Supply of General Marine Stores & Ships Spare Parts

Spare Parts Depot

Marine Logistics

Maintenance & Inspection Service for Life Boat & launching Apparatus

Shipowner's Proxy for Seamen's Union Service

Supply of Marine Chemicals &

Spare Parts


Spare Parts Depot

​Dehumidified Depot Shelter

  • Dehumidified Shelter

  • Dehumidifying Unit

  • To prevent Metal Corrosion  Development

Our Dehumidified Storing System in Singapore consists of a desiccant dehumidifier and a membrane building, in which ship's spare parts are stored in a humidity-controlled space of under 40.0% relative humidity so that they are protected from the development of corrosion for an extended period of 20 years.


Marine Logistics

・Distributor of Marine Paint & Fuel Additive

In U.A.E., we are acting as a distributor of marine paint on behalf of Nippon Paint Marine Coatings Co., Ltd., Kobe Japan.  We are also a distributor of fuel additives in U.A.E., China, Hong Kong, and the U.S.A.

・Cargo Tracking System Service

“TS CARGO SOLUTIONS” is the affiliated company of Mashin Shokai Group specializing in logistics.  We deliver to all China ports and shipyards door to door which customers ordered through our network company.  

In order to meet customers' various needs through logistics operations such as customs clearance, temporary storage in warehouses, and packing, we provide detailed services such as delivery according to the repair schedule arranged by customers.  In addition, the online system allows the customer to check the status timely until delivery is completed (receipt).


Supply of Marine Chemicals & Spare Parts

Ballast Water Treatment System Service

"Ballast Ace" is the marine equipment developed by JFE Engineering Corporation which meets the requirement of ballast water management regulation by International Maritime Organization.

The Chemical Treatment to be used for the system is Germicide "Ballast-cleaner”/ "Neo-Chlor Marine" and Neutralizer "TG Environmental guard". And, we are supplying those Chemical treatments to vessels equipped with Ballast Ace worldwide by means of the shipment through the local chemical providers who are

recommended by the Project Principal, JFE Engineering Corporation.

In overseas ports where the Principal's recommended local providers are not available, we are supplying through the local alternative sources who are confirmed and accepted by the Principal regarding their products.

Also, we provide TRO Meter Reagent & Spare Parts Supply of HF Scientific L.L.C. from local to worldwide.

・Supply of Chemical Treatment to Ballast Water Management System

    (JFE Engineering Co., Ltd.)

​・Supply of TRO Meter Reagent & Spare Parts

    (Product of HF Scientific L.L.C.)

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Maintenance & Inspection Service for

Life Boat & launching Apparatus

We are conducting maintenance and inspection services for

lifeboats and launching apparatus.


Shipowner's Proxy for Seamen's Union Service

We manage seamen on behalf of shipowners and in coordination with manning agencies who are located in the Philippines and Korea.