Our activities as marine supplier commenced at Moji port in 1892 right after the port opening. In many years since our establishment, we have survived in marine supply business, in which we have built an efficient operation based on our practical experience. It is this experience that allows us to meet the demand of our customers, in a way that delivers reliability and convenience in all aspects of our services. Our entire team is dedicated to the provision of a reliable and efficient service that will further develop our good reputation.
Our principal office is located in the local port of Moji, Kitakyushushi, where it is connected with other 7 offices of 14 departments on our own developed OA system.
Bird's-eye view of “NIshikaigan-Dori ( Port of Moji) 
Trade Name : Mashin Shokai Limited
: No. 12-26 Hamamachi Mojiku
: Kitakyushushi 801-0856 Japan
Capital : J.Yen 45,000,000
Establishment : March, 1892
Representative : Toshiyuki Gotoh( President )
Purpose : General Marine Supply
Moji Head Office
Moji Storage of Marine Stores
 ( Outside ) 
Moji Storage of Marine Stores ( Inside )
Moji Storage of Imported Stores