1892 In the port of Moji, Japan, which was the gateway to the Asian Continent in trade and transport at that time, Mashin Shokai's marine supply business commenced by the founder, Kamesaburo Inoue.
1901 The company was formed into a " limited partnership "
1937 The founder sold Mashin Shokai to Gotoh Zaimokuten and it was formed into a "limited partnership". ( The two companies had been in long and close business relationship in their trade of ship-use dunnage. )
1938 Dalian Branch was opened for the area distribution of paint for Nippon Paint Co. Ltd.
1939 World War Two broke out.
Under the guidance of Japanese Government Transportation Bureau at that time, the Wartime Economic Control Law was put in force, in which all Japanese marine supply businesses were joined into a single distribution company by area to carry out wartime marine supply activities.
1945 World War Two ended.
After the war in Japan, there was no active marine supply business at a time because of scarcity of vessels to supply. Dalian Branch was forced to close in this year.
1948 Japanese supply businesses were released from the Wartime Economic Control Law. With a rapid recovery of shipping and trading business after the war, the company's marine supply business recuperated gradually.
1948 - Wakamatsu Office established
1949 - Fukuoka Office established
1955 - Kobe Office established ( closed in 1985 )
1960's During the period of post-war recovery followed by high economic growth, the company expanded its delivery facilities in Japan in order to satisfy the increasing demands of customers.
1966 - Yokohama Office establishment
1976 - Osaka Office establishment
1970's To cope with the increase of overseas supply demand by shipping companies derived from diversification of their fleet operation, the company expanded its network in the Far East and Southeast Asia.
1977 - Hong Kong Office established
1978 - Singapore Office established
1982 - Korea Office established
1984 The company was reorganized into a "limited company" from the long lived style of a "limited partnership" in view of the necessity arising from our international trade transaction and for the convenience of legal registration as an ultimate shareholder of overseas subsidiaries.
1994 Office establishment in Shanghai, China. Along with the economic development in China,
the market demand for marine supply services in Chinese ports began to come into sight year by year since the middle of 1990. At first, the company made its presence in Shanghai as a liaison office in 1994, and then in 1997, it was incorporated into a trading company.
2003 Office establishment in Sharjah, U.A.E.
Subsidiary was incorporated in Sharjah, U.A.E. in anticipation of the increasing demand in Persian Gulf for supply to energy transport vessels such as crude-oil tankers, LPG/LNG vessels.
2004 2004 With the expectation of an increasing number of customers' vessels trading in the North Atlantic Ocean and the U.S. Gulf,the company expanded its Formation of General Marine Service in Europe and the U.S.A.
2004 - Rotterdam Office established
  - London Rep. Office reopened
2006 - New Jersey Office established
2008 - Houston Office established
2008 Kobe Office Reopened and Philippine Rep. Office opened
2009 Dalian Office opened     
2010 Qingdao Office opened
2013 Rio de Janeiro Rep. Office opened