Dehumidified Storing System
Our Dehumidified Storing System consists of a desiccant dehumidifier and a membrane building, in which ship's spare parts are stored in a humidity controlled space of under 40.0 % relative humidity so that they are protected from the development of corrosion for an extended period of over 20 years. It includes a monitoring system with technical and maintenance support from the manufacturer's local unit.
Summary of Dehumidefication System
Relative Humidity Control of Ship's Spares Long Term Storage
Our Dehumidification System consists of Desiccant Dehumidifier and Dehumidified Shelter . The system is available in two ( 2 ) types of Humidity Controlled Shelter - Indoor Installation Type ( or Warehouse Modification Type ) and Outdoor Standing Alone Type ( Membrane Building Type ).

A humidity controlled space environment is provided by the Desiccant Dehumidifier ( Electiricity: 3 Phase, 460 Volts 60 Hz @18.6 Amp. ) equipped with its Sensor and Data Logger, from which the remote reading of the humidity in the distant shelter is possible through ethernet connection. A periodical check up of the system will be conducted by the manufacturer's technical service unit.

A humidistat can be set to provide a Dehumidified Shelter with the required and stable relative humidity on a long term. For storing ship's spares, it is set in the range that the relative humidity can be kept below 40.0 per cent to prevent machinery and spares from developing the moisture induced corrosion.
Desiccant Dehumidifier 
Manufacturer: Munters AB ( Stockholm, Kista Sweden ) 
Desiccant Dehumidifier System
The Desiccant Dehumidifier is based on Munters unique Honeycombe sorption drying wheel. Process air passes through the drying wheel and leaves the dehumidifier as dry air. Heated reactivation air collects the moisture absorbed by the drying wheel and leaves the dehumidifier as wet air.
Indoor Installation Type ( or Warehouse Modification Type ) requires a complete damp sealing application all over the interior surfaces of sheltering partition ( floor, walls and faux ceiling ). Application of damp sealing on a concrete floor will cristerlize its surface to prevent the moisture coming up from the underground.
  Our Singapore warehouse modified for an exclusive use as a Dehumidified Shelter
  Frontal View of Humidity Controlled Shelter   Inside of Humidity Controlled Shelter
  Fire Detector & Security Sensor   Dehumidifier Unit ( Center ) in the Shelter
Outdoor Standing Alone Type ( or Membrane Building Type ) requires reinforced concrete floor with moisture proof layer. It is TFB ( Tension Fabric Building ), which is capable of withstanding 20 psf snow load and 100 mph 3 second gust wind.
  Membrane building built in coorporation with Cocoon Inc., NH U.S.A. as a Dehumidified Shelter
  Frontal View of Dehumidified Shelter
  Inside of Dehumidified Shelter ( with Storage of Reduction Gear, Gas Compressor, Turbo Charger, Cargo Pump,Tail Shaft, etc.
  Inside of Dehumidified Shelter ( Empty Condition )  

  Ground Work for Reinforced Concrete Base
with Humidity Proof Application